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Anonymous inquired Film photography tips?

You have less chances to get the right shot. Therefore put a lot of thought into each picture you take. Personally, I remember every picture I take when I’m shooting film. A lot of the time when shooting digital you take so many pictures that aren’t as meaningful because you can (16GB SD card). That’s just my opinion, though.

Anonymous inquired what accounts do you follow that are like yours?

I made a list of photography blogs I liked a while ago. There are a lot more that I like now but these were the blogs that got me started in the beginning. 












Anonymous inquired How did your brother crack his head open? Was he okay?

We were hiking and he slipped down the side of a cliff. He was okay but it was kind of scary seeing blood gushing out of his head. Plus we were a good hour away from help and there was no phone service. Fortunately the bleeding stopped and he never went unconscious.