Anonymous inquired Who is your best friend and do they photograph too? You have some cool pictures of yourself on here too so I was just wondering!

I have a few really good friends who I take pictures with. Specifically, back home I took photos with my best friend Allison a bunch. We would go on photo adventures all the time. (Miss ya homegirl!) Now I go on photo adventures a lot with my other best friend Noah. Those are the two who usually take the pictures of me. You can follow them on instagram: @noahonecares and @allison_perez Otherwise if you are my friend expect to get your pictures taken :)

Anonymous inquired I'm applying to Berkeley or USF next year. I definitely want to go go move up north ( I'm from LA) but I was super concerned about bringing a car when I move there. How do you get around the city to take pics? Do you take public transportation or do you have a bike?

You definitely do not need a car. Having a car can actually be a hassle… there is nowhere to park around here. I always take public transportation because the bus in berkeley is free for students and I take Bart to the city. I also have a bike so I can wake up late for class and still be on time ;).

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